Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book of Irrelevancy: Season One

Hello everybody,

Today we are going to do some data entry.No, it is not menial office work.We have our especially designed Book of Irrelevancy.Every showbiz person who is too irrelevant to be true is in this book. Lets start !

  • Jodhi Meares (Source: Australia's next top model)
  • Kloe Kardashian (Source: Kim Kardashian)
  • Lindsay Lohan(but Geo TV loves her =) (Source:Police Dep.)
  • Victoria Justice (Source: Red carper events)
  • Hilary Duff (Source: LA streets)
  • Taylor Momson (Source: Miley Cyrus bitch-talk)
  • TOM CRUISE and family (Source: We don't know, we do care)
  •  Fred Garfield (lol)
  • Ryan Seacrest (Source: Except for American Idol, we can't remember any names)
  • Haylie Duff: (Source: Hilary Duff haha)
  • Jennifer Anniston (Source: Bounty Hunter)
  • Russel Brand (Source: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Katy Perry)
  • Emma Roberts (Source: Julia Roberts and lots of super hit masterpieces)
  • Shenae Grimes ( Source: 90210)

This is it for today =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Royal Bride Wars : Swift VS Middleton

Middle class, middle aged Middleton?
Swift of sorrow? 

Kate Middleton is first up.The 29-year-old British popsy is smokin' hot, isn't she?She turns heads wherever she goes and why not? She is striking and stands tall at 5.9 AND she is going to be married to Prince Williams!We really don't care if she was/is a commoner! She is a true fashionista and aristocracy is her pinnacle. She looks modern and sophisticated and her smile blows us away!

Taylor Taylor on the wall,who will break your heart next, of them all?

The wanna-be princess is a 21-year-old LA babe.We all sing with her, laugh with her and hey, cry with her.Her single Love Story was a smashy hit and she portrayed herself as a princess. 'Taylor Swift lives in a fairy-tale cuckoo land".Its a fact.Period. She has the elegance and that innocence in her eyes.Princess traits?Atleast according to the fairy tales we grew up with.Oh and she is tall too =)

But :
Madame Kate Middleton NEEDS to get a job. Yikes! She has a degree and is almost 30. What is she waiting for? Hm?

<3 broken Taylor Swift NEEDS to get a life beyond boys and broken hearts and burnt pictures and.. well you get the picture!

So, who deserves to be the real Princess?
ITS ME ! Get Over It.Hahahahaha

What the heck?